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we are a studio specialized in branding, visual identity and strategic design.

Technology and creativity have always been hand in hand here. This makes for a perfect marriage when used consistently and "tastefully". Here is the poetry of the process. For this reason, Merlin Design is an artist by nature and technically prepared for excellence.

Merlin design is an award-winning graphic design studio. In 1998 it won the important "Readers Favorites" award in the RETAIL sector, promoted by Diário do Nordeste Newspaper.

It was created over 20 years ago, well before the digital era media and social marketing. Merlin Design has always worked on building solid brands and cutting-edge conceptual design. It has always had marketing and results as its primary focus.

Now more than ever! We are a studio based on the new consumer dynamic always on and we guide brands to identify and amplify their assets for their audience.


creation staff member.

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